2024 Bible Reading Plan 新年读经计划


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Dear Beloved Church Family,

As we joyfully usher in the new year, we have some exciting updates for you:

  1. Printed Bible Reading Plan:📖 Grab your copy of the Church 2024 Bible Reading Plan at the booklet shelf next to the sanctuary door. Immerse yourself in the Five Day Bible Reading Plan for a transformative journey. Launching on January 1st!
  2. WeDevote Bible App:📱 Join us digitally on the WeDevote Bible App! Enter Plan ID: 1741758 to be part of the Church 2024 Bible Reading Plan. Enjoy daily notifications, community interactions, and progress tracking. Launching on January 1st!
  3. Devotion Partner Program:🤝 Sign up for our Devotion Partner Program! Commit to reading Monday through Friday and meet online or face to face every Saturday or Sunday. Groups of three, same gender, different age, with at least one church leader. Foster connections, encourage one another, and deepen your spiritual journey. Sign up today!

May this year be marked by unity, spiritual growth, and a closer walk with our Lord.


One In Christ Word Team



  1. 印刷圣经阅读计划:📖 请在礼拜堂门口的小册子架上拿起《五日圣经阅读计划》。沉浸在五日圣经阅读计划中,开启被神话语更新的旅程。计划于1月1日启动!
  2. WeDevote 圣经应用程序:📱 在WeDevote 圣经应用程序上与我们一起线上读经!输入计划ID:1741758,成为教会 2024 年圣经阅读计划的一部分。享受每日提醒,社区互动和进度跟踪。计划于1月1日启动!
  3. 灵修伙伴计划:🤝 报名参加我们的灵修伙伴计划!承诺周一至周五阅读,并在每个周六或周日在线或面对面相遇。每组三人,同性别,不同年龄,至少一个教会领袖。促进联系,互相鼓励,深化属灵之旅。现在就报名吧!


One In Christ 话语团队