The month of June was the mission month for One in Christ Church. Three missionaries were invited to share their stories with us and preached their message on Sunday. We had many opportunities to have deep conversations with them. The heart they have for the great commission and the life they lived helped our members to reflect on what we are doing in our group and what our church is doing in our community. The mission month was a spiritual feast and we will strive to be a gospel-centered and mission-driven church!

  • 6/3-6/4: Gospel in Asia - Cambodia Missionary
  • 6/10-6/11: Gospel in China - China Partnership President
  • 6/18: OMF Missionary

六月份是One In Christ的宣教月。我们邀请了三位传教士与我们分享他们的见证,并在周日传讲他们的信息。我们有许多机会与他们进行深入的交流。他们对大使命的热忱以及他们的生活方式,帮助我们反思我们在小组,教会,及社区中所做的事情。这个宣教月成为了一场属灵的盛宴,我们将努力成为一个以福音为中心、注重宣教的教会!

  • 6月3日至6月4日:在柬埔寨传教士带领下的“亚洲福音”
  • 6月10日至6月11日:由中国合作伙伴主席带领的“中国福音”
  • 6月18日:来自OMF的传教士


June 06–18, 2023