New Church Logo 教会新标志


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This month, we were able to finalize our new church logo for One In Christ Church! After multiple rounds of feedback and revisions, our church congregation made the final decision on July 9th. Our communication team has been working with the designer, Gillian Howell, to make this logo come together for two months, so we are excited to have completed this important step for our church! We hope to complete all the church branding by August.

在这个月,我们成功地完成了One In Christ的全新教会标志!在多轮反馈和修订后,我们教会的众人于7月9日做出了最终决定。我们的沟通团队的设计师Gillian Howell,历时两个月将这个标志打磨出来,因此我们为教会完成了这个重要的步骤感到兴奋!我们希望在8月前完成教会所有的品牌塑造工作。