Baptism at Smith Mountain Lake 在史密斯山湖受洗


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On Sunday, August 20, we will hold our Sunday service at Smith Mountain Lake, where we'll also be performing baptisms. Following the service, we'll celebrate this special occasion with a churchwide picnic. 8月20日星期日,我们将在史密斯山湖举行周日礼拜,并进行洗礼。礼拜结束后,我们将以全教会的野餐方式庆祝这个特殊时刻。

Time 时间 🕐

11:00 am

Location 地点

Picnic Area near Smith Mountain Lake Beach 史密斯山湖海滩附近的野餐区

Carpool 拼车🚗

All who want to join carpool, please come to church at 9:30 AM. (Single Drivers, please come to church to pick up passengers). 所有想要拼车的人,请于上午9点30分到教会。(单独开车的请来教会接人)

Ticket 门票💵

$7 per car at state park entrance. 每辆车7美元,入口付款。

Food 食物🌭

We will grill hotdogs and burgers for everyone! But, feel free to bring things if you like to. 我们将为大家烤热狗和汉堡! 也可自带喜欢的食物。

Drink 饮品🧊

We have water and ICE for everyone! But, feel free to bring things if you like to. 我们为每个人准备了水和冰! 也可自带喜欢的饮料。

Weather 天气☀️

looks sunny according to weather forecast. 天气预报说会是晴天。

Clothes 着装🩴

Dress casual! Flip flop is fine. 随意!夹脚拖鞋没问题。

Program 流程🎶:

sing songs, a short message, Baptism, and testimonies! Then picnic. 敬拜环节、受洗仪式、见证分享、野餐。

Leave time 离开时间🕐:

around 2 pm, feel free to stay for your own enjoyment. Talk to others if you carpool. 下午2点左右。若未尽兴,可继续停留。 如果拼车,请与其他人交谈。

Things consider to bring 考虑带的东西😎:
  • camp chair 露营椅,
  • sunscreen 防晒霜,
  • bug repellent, 驱虫剂

Need HELP❤️:
  • pick up passengers (see above) 接载乘客(参见拼车)
  • coolers x 4 (for ice and drinks) 冷却器 x 4(用于冰块和饮料)




11:00am – 2:00pm


Smith Mountain Lake, 1235 Rd 888, Huddleston, VA, 24104.