White Water Rafting Trip 白水漂流之旅


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The church's theme for this fall will be "connect." Emphasizing the importance of working together to strengthen bonds, we're planning an exciting white water rafting trip to Richmond, VA. It will be an exciting and fun adventure, with guidance to ensure safety. The water temperature will be around 50 degrees, but participants will be provided with wet suits to keep warm once the water gets between the suit.

It will be an all-day activity (leaving around 7 am and returning at dinner time).

The price will be $125, which includes a guided rafting trip, lunch, and gas. If you would like to pack your own lunch, the price will be $113. The only age restriction is 9+ years old.

If you're interested in connecting with fellow OIC members in this unique way, please let Miranda Sparklin (434-420-0510) know on or before Sunday, August 27, in order to reserve spots in time! If there are any questions or if you would like to come, please let Ryan or Miranda know. It should be fun!


这次是全天活动(早上 7 点左右出发,晚餐时间返回)。

价格为 125 美元,费用包括漂流指导、午餐和汽油。 如果您想自带午餐,价格为 113 美元。 9 岁以上均可参加。活动将提供所有装备和潜水服。

为了及时预订席位,请在 8 月 27 日星期日或之前告知 Miranda Sparklin (434-420-0510)! 如果您想报名或有任何问题,请联系Ryan或Miranda!应该很好玩哦!




7:00am to dinner time


Richmond, VA