“Life Together” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer 《团契生活》


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"Life Together” is a book of profound depth and inspiration that delves deeply into the study of collective spirit and common beliefs. From a unique perspective, the book reveals the relationships between people within a community, whether it's sharing faith, supporting each other in difficult times, or expressing love for one another, all of which can provoke meaningful reflection. This book advocates for a community life based on sincerity, love, acceptance, and trust. It emphasizes that even in the face of difficulties, the power of community can help us find hope and courage. "Life Together” also provides substantive advice on how to create a healthy and beautiful community environment. This is a practical help for anyone looking for support in the community or serving others. The author provides many practical examples in this book, enabling readers to understand the meaning expressed in the book more deeply. Therefore, whether you want to understand community or faith, “Life Together” is a good choice.