Silkscreen Print Art Exhibits "Coming Home" 绘画作品展 《回家》


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The "Coming Home" themed silkscreen print art exhibit hosted by One In Christ church had a profound impact on its congregation. Through the captivating artworks of Jiuyang Zhu and Li Liu, church members discovered the profound connection between art and faith. Jiuyang Zhu's sharing of his faith journey alongside his art production experiences further enriched the experience, sparking meaningful discussions and inspiring a newfound appreciation for the interplay of creativity and spirituality. The exhibition served as a catalyst for fostering greater creativity and spiritual growth within the church community, leaving a lasting impression that will continue to inspire and unite its members in their shared spiritual journey.

“回家”主题的丝网版画艺术展在One In Christ举行,对教会弟兄姐妹们产生了深远影响。通过艺术家朱久洋和刘莉的引人入胜的艺术作品,教会成员发现了艺术与信仰之间深刻的联系。朱久洋分享了他的信仰之旅以及艺术创作的经历,进一步丰富了此次展览,引发了有意义的讨论,并激发了对创意与灵性相互交融的新认识。此次展览成为教会内部培养创造力和精神成长的催化剂,留下了深刻印象,将继续激励和团结教会成员在共同的灵性旅程中前行。


06/03 – 07/03/2023



OIC Church, 1595 Turkey Foot Rd, Forest, VA, 24551