Role Play in Students Group Summer Activities 学生组暑期角色扮演活动


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For this summer, the One in Christ Church Chinese student small group started doing  role play at the beginning of each small group to learn and practice biblical counseling. There is a helper and the person in need in each role play session. The person in need is given a script of a life situation he or she does not know how to handle, such like roommate conflict, romantic relationship problems, or arguments between friends, etc. The helper/counselor’s task is to find out what is the problem,counsel the person in need and preach the truth of the gospel in these difficult situations. At the end of each role play, the whole small group gives feedback to the helper. In doing so, we learned how to face these problems in God’s truth and how to help others to see difficult situations in the perspective of the gospel as a group.

在今年夏天,One In Christ的华人学生小组开始每次小组聚会时进行角色扮演,以学习和实践圣经辅导。每个角色扮演会有一个需要帮助的人和一个帮助者。需要帮助的人将获得一个他或她不知道如何处理的生活情境的剧本,例如室友冲突、感情问题或朋友之间的争论等。帮助者/辅导者的任务是找出问题所在,给予需要帮助的人指导,并在这些困难情况下传讲福音的真理。在每次角色扮演结束后,整个小组会对帮助者提供反馈。通过这样的练习,我们学会了如何在神的真理中面对这些问题,并以小组的方式帮助他人从福音的角度看待困难情况。