Student Group Fellowship with Charlosville Church Students 华人学生小组与夏洛茨维尔小组共聚


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One in Christ Church Chinese student small group was invited to Walnut Creek Park on the first Saturday of July to fellowship with the Chinese student small group from Richmond and Charlottesville. We went kayaking and hiking together with them. We also shared lunch together and had a great time with them at the park. It’s a blessing to students in all three Christian student fellowships.

七月的第一个星期六,One In Christ的华人学生小组受邀前往Walnut Creek公园与来自里士满和夏洛茨维尔的华人学生小组共聚。我们一同进行皮划艇和徒步远足。在公园里,我们共进午餐,与他们度过了愉快的时光。这对三个基督徒学生团契中的学生们都是一次美好的祝福。




4250 Walnut Creek Park, North Garden, VA 22959