May Students and Children Cherish the Summer Vacation 暑假学生珍惜时间


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暑假学生珍惜时间 Students Making the Most of Summer Vacation


During the summer vacation, students have an abundance of time. Let us pray that they cherish this precious time. May God work in the lives of these children, helping them realize how swiftly time passes and discern what is truly worthy of their time and energy, pursuing things that can last forever.

家庭小孩子暑假安排时间 Effective Time Management for Children During the Summer Break


Prayer Request: As summer vacation begins, students have plenty of time on their hands. Let us treasure this valuable time and lift them up in prayer. May God work among these children, help them recognize time goes by fast, and guide them to invest their time and energy in pursuing things that align with God’s will and can have an everlasting impact.