Karen Nixon's Surgery and Steve Brugh's Health 为Karen和Steve的健康祷告


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Karen Nixon's surgery 

Please pray for Karen Nixon as she recovers from her knee replacement surgery on July 18th. It is a huge praise that the surgery went well, but she will need time to fully recover and heal.

请为Karen Nixon祷告,她正在恢复于7月18日的膝关节置换手术。手术顺利进行是一个巨大的喜悦,但她需要时间来完全康复和愈合。

Steve Brugh

Please pray for Steve Brugh. He was in the emergency room at Centra Hospital on 7/25 and came home late at night. He has to go to a neurologist, but things are looking better. Thank you for lifting him up in prayer.

请为Steve Brugh 祷告。他7/25进了Centra 医院急救室,很晚的时候出院回家了。他还需要去神经科医生那里复查,但是情况已经好些了。谢谢大家在祷告里纪念他。