Vacation Bible School 2023 暑期圣经学校


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One in Christ Church was able to successfully host Vacation Bible School from July 17th through July 21st. With the help of over 25 volunteers, we were able to bring so much joy to the faces of over 30 children each night! It was a great time learning about Jesus, singing songs, making crafts, playing games, and eating delicious snacks and dinners. The commitment from volunteers and their hearts of serving the Lord helped the children enjoy their time and get to learn more about Jesus. This was a great opportunity for us to host our first event as One In Christ. Thank you all for your help volunteering and continued prayers over this week.

One In Christ教会成功地在7月17日至7月21日举办了暑期圣经学校。在25多名志愿者的帮助下,我们每晚为30多名孩子带来了无尽的快乐!我们在活动中学习耶稣的故事,唱歌,制作手工艺品,玩游戏,享用美味的零食和晚餐。志愿者们的投入和为主奉献的心让孩子们度过了愉快的时光,并更多地了解了耶稣。这是我们One In Christ举办的第一个活动,感谢大家的志愿帮助和在本周持续的祷告。


July 17–21, 2023


6:30pm – 8:30pm


OIC Church: 1595 Turkey Foot Rd, Forest, VA 24551