Cleaning Team Needs Volunteer 清洁部需要志愿者


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We are looking for volunteers to join OIC’s cleaning department. Time commitment varies on role.  There are two teams: 

  • Weekly Cleaning Team - looking for 10-15 members, groups of 2 that would come to clean at least once a month, and report to the weekly cleaning leadership
  • Event Cleaning Team - looking for any number of members, Members on this team will assist during events they attend, and report to the event cleaning leadership

If you are interested in becoming a part of maintaining our facilities cleanliness please contact Jacob Eades on WhatsApp. Jacob will get you more details on the expectations and personnel. The more team members we have, the less work there will be for everyone. We are planning on taking care of the people we love that use this building. We also pray for this is our house the house of the Lord, my Fathers house that we can take care of what we are given.


  • 每周清洁团队 - 寻找10-15名成员,每2人一组,每月至少来一次,并向每周清洁负责人报告。
  • 活动清洁团队 - 寻找任意数量的成员,该团队成员将在参加活动时提供协助,并向活动清洁负责人报告。

如果您有兴趣成为我们维护设施清洁的一部分,请通过WhatsApp与Jacob Eades联系。Jacob会向您提供更多有关期望和人员的详细信息。团队成员越多,每个人的工作量就越小。我们计划照顾那些我们爱的人们,他们使用这座建筑。我们也为这个我们主的家,我父的家而祈祷,希望我们能好好照顾它。